Draft Guideline: Better Practice Composting

Closes 25 Nov 2020

Opened 25 May 2020



The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (the department) is producing a series of industry specific guidelines to provide external stakeholders further information on how the department carries out its regulatory functions under Part V Division 3 of the Environmental Protection Act 1986.

The draft Guideline: Better practice composting is the first guideline developed in this series.  The guideline was developed by the department in collaboration with the Western Australian branch of the Australian Organics Recycling Association (AORA WA).  Members of AORA WA formed a working group with the department, helping:

  • Develop the guideline framework;
  • Provide feedback from an industry perspective; and
  • Develop approaches to manage economically viable operations while protecting and mitigating possible environmental impacts.   

The department acknowledges and thanks AORA WA and its members for the significant resources they have contributed to working with the department on this project.    We hope that in working together, the guideline will help to achieve a positive outcome for the environment, industry and all other stakeholders.

The guideline sets out the department’s information requirements for the composting industry and how regulation under Part V of the EP Act will achieve the objectives of the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030 (Waste Strategy 2030).

Objective 3 of Waste Strategy 2030 seeks that ‘Western Australians protect the environment by managing waste responsibly’ and includes the target of all waste facilities operating to ‘better practice’ by 2030. 

The guideline provides environmental performance objectives and minimum standards for the construction and operations of composting facilities that establish how composting facilities can achieve the Waste Strategy 2030 target of operating to ‘better practice’.

Guideline for consultation

We are seeking your feedback on the content of the draft Guideline: Better practice composting.  Additional information is available in the Frequently asked questions.

Consultation duration

The consultation period will run from 25 May 2020 to 25 November 2020 (6 months).

All submissions must be received by 5pm (WST) on 25 November 2020

Information session

The department can make information sessions on the Guideline: Better practice composting available to interested stakeholders.

The format of the information sessions will be determined based on COVID-19 operational requirements and the level of stakeholder interest.  Subject to the type and level of interest, information sessions will be planned for the second half of the consultation period. 

In the survey (link below) a question on your preference for the delivery of information sessions is included.  Your feedback on preferred additional consultation options would be appreciated by 14 August 2020 to inform the format that any information sessions will be delivered in.

If you would like to register your interest in an information session now, please email betterregulatorypractice@dwer.wa.gov.au with your name and preferred contact details using the header ‘Guideline Better practice composting – info session register’.


How to make a submission

We would prefer you to make a submission through this online site, however, you can also send submissions to betterregulatorypractice@dwer.wa.gov.au or via:

Better Regulatory Practice

Department of Water and Environmental Regulation

Locked Bag 10

Joondalup DC, WA, 6919



  • Anyone from any background


  • Environmental Protection
  • Waste Policy