Container Deposit Scheme – Expanding the scope of eligible beverage containers

Closes 1 May 2023

Opened 2 Dec 2022


Discussion paper: Seeking public feedback on plan to increase recovery and recycling

The Western Australian container deposit scheme (CDS), Containers for Change, started on 1 October 2020. It delivered a commitment of the McGowan Government to increase recycling, reduce litter, provide benefits for community groups and charities, and create employment opportunities for people living with disability, Aboriginal people and long-term unemployed people.

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (the department) is seeking feedback on the proposal to extend the scope of the CDS and will analyse submissions and make recommendations to the Minister for Environment.

The proposed expanded scope of eligible containers includes:

  • all beverage containers between 150 millilitres (ml) and 3 litres, other than plain milk and registered health tonics.

The proposed expanded scope would change the Western Australian CDS by including:

  • grape wine and spirits in glass bottles up to 3 litres
  • grape wine in plastic containers 250 ml–3 litres
  • grape wine in sachets 250 ml–3 litres
  • grape wine in casks 1–3 litres
  • water in casks 1–3 litres 
  • all fruit and vegetable juice, flavoured milk and cordial containers up to 3 litres.

You can download the discussion paper below for your review. Please give us your views in the online survey below.

If you make a submission, please be aware that in doing so, you are consenting to it being treated as a part of a public document. Your name will be published; however, your contact details will be withheld for privacy. If you do not consent to your submission being treated as part of a public document, you should mark it as confidential or specifically identify what information in the submission you consider to be confidential and include an explanation. The department may request that a non confidential summary of the material is also provided. It is important to note that even if your submission is treated as confidential by the department, it may still be disclosed in accordance with the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 1992, or any other applicable written law. The department reserves the right before publishing a submission to delete any content that could be regarded as racially vilifying, derogatory, or defamatory to an individual or an organisation.

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