Closing the loop: Waste reforms for a circular economy

Closed 15 Jul 2020

Opened 20 Feb 2020


The waste reform paper Closing the loop contains detailed legislative proposals to improve waste management and the waste levy in Western Australia, and has been published as a consultation regulatory impact statement. 

The consultation paper follows a 2017 discussion paper published by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation that outlined legislative proposals to improve the waste levy framework and environmental protection regime. During that process, respondents requested further detailed information on the legislative proposals, and the underlying rationale. 

Closing the loop provides detailed information on proposals raised in the 2017 paper for consideration. The paper also includes new proposals to address emerging policy issues including illegal waste disposal and State Government commitments under the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy 2030

This paper sought industry and community feedback on the following proposals:

  • aligning the Environmental Protection Act 1986 with important waste avoidance and resource recovery objectives in waste policy and legislation (e.g. waste hierarchy)
  • clarifying the application of the waste levy at licensed landfills under waste legislation
  • modernising landfill licensing and levy liability for waste disposal to land
  • simplifying the solid waste licensing categories relating to waste storage, recycling and reprocessing, including tyre storage facilities.
  • minimising long-term or indefinite stockpiling of solid waste by applying the levy at specific waste premises (e.g. waste depots, recycling and reprocessing facilities, tyre storage premises)
  • modernising the waste levy exemptions to ensure they are relevant and effective
  • improving solid waste data reporting from waste facilities across Western Australia to track the movement of waste
  • new compliance and enforcement measures to target illegal waste disposal 
  • administrative changes to improve the collection of the waste levy under waste legislation

The public consultation period ran from 20 February 2020 to 15 July 2020

Consultation outcome

We thank everyone who made a submission during the consultation phase.

Following analysis of submissions, we will prepare a decision regulatory impact statement which will outline final legislative proposals for waste reform.

For more information go to Waste reform consultation.

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