Draft guideline: Spring exemptions

Closed 31 May 2022

Opened 17 Dec 2021


The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation is seeking public comment on the draft Guideline: Spring exemptions under Part III section 5(1)(a) of the Rights in Water and Irrigation Act 1914.

This guideline is part of the department’s policy framework. Guidance is needed as the Act does not define the process for determining whether the exemption in section 5(1)(a) applies to a spring.

The guideline outlines the relevant considerations which need to be taken into account by landowners and occupiers of land when determining if the circumstances on their property meet the requirements of section 5(1)(a).

Download a copy of the draft guideline before making a submission. 

Consultation period and providing feedback

The department welcomes all feedback on the draft guideline. All feedback received will be considered in finalising the guideline.

Please note that submissions may be published on our website.

The public consultation period has been extended to run to 31 May 2022.

All submissions must be received by 5pm on 31 May 2022.

Feedback can be submitted by making an online submission.

If you have any questions about the consultation process, please contact the Better Regulatory Practice branch at betterregulatorypractice@dwer.wa.gov.au or by phone on (08) 6364 7000.


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