Managing water in the Fitzroy River Catchment

Closed 31 Aug 2021

Opened 6 Nov 2020


The Government of Western Australia has released the Managing water in the Fitzroy River Catchment: Discussion paper for stakeholder consultation and is seeking feedback on the options and approaches being considered to protect the Fitzroy River and manage the use of water to support sustainable economic development in the Fitzroy River Catchment.

The McGowan Government is working collaboratively to deliver a suite of election commitments to:

  • create the Fitzroy River National Park which will extend the Geikie Gorge National Park along the Fitzroy River to the north and along the Margaret River.
  • develop a management plan for the Fitzroy River to ensure the health of the river and provide a basis for sustainable economic development
  • not allow the Fitzroy River or its tributaries to be dammed.

This work includes developing a water allocation plan for the Fitzroy area.

Planning for the sustainable management of water resources in the Fitzroy River Catchment is building on years of community planning, new and improving science by both State and the Australian Governments and consultation with traditional owners and stakeholders.

This work has provided the basis for discussions that Government has been having over the past two years with traditional owners and stakeholders about opportunities for sustainable economic development and protecting the Fitzroy River.

From this consultation we have gathered a range of views about the future of the catchment, its important cultural and environmental values, its economic development and the management of its water resources. These perspectives are reflected in the Managing water in the Fitzroy River Catchment: Discussion paper for stakeholder consultation.

Your feedback on the options and approaches outlined will help guide the next stage in development of the Fitzroy water allocation plan.

Further Information 

Consultation Process

The consultation period is open until 5pm (WST) on Monday 31 May 2021. Over this period we will be holding a series of face-to-face discussions with traditional owners and other stakeholders in the Fitzroy River Catchment. If you would like to meet with us during the consultation period, please email

How to make a submission

You can provide your feedback and comments in several ways:

By completing the online survey below

By attending a meeting or information session

By sending your written comments by email to or by post to:

Branch Manager

Water Allocation Planning

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Joondalup DC WA 6919

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